22 letters to you, letter 14. Dear Réalta.

Dear Réalta,

Today was a good day. I was woken up at 6.10am by the fire alarm, it was a drill, but I had to evacuate in my pyjamas and it was not fun and very cold. Bar that drama and a very abrupt start to my day, everything has been nice. I visited a friends house for tea and biscuits in the afternoon with another mutual friend who we are both very close with, and then I went on a charity shop trundle with the friends I play scrabble with.

I have gotten some amazing dresses and a cute embroidered ‘playsuit’ from the charity shops this week, so that’s been nice. I also got a fairly modern doll, say 20 years old or so, to work on as a home Conservation project for a couple of quid. I am looking forward to starting that eventually.

I don’t really like to do a lot of retail therapy as I normally prefer very considered purchases if I have to part with my money, but sometimes just going and buying a few nice items if clothing that actually fit me post horrible period of weight loss is really good.

I wore the fitted tweed style suit dress I got to lectures today, it is really soft and easy to wear and it was only £1.99! It fits, it’s stylish and it’s comfortable so I am thrilled. Probably the cheapest dress I have ever bought and definitely one of the nicest business dresses I have ever owned!

I love charity shops! I feel better about buying clothes and spending money if it isn’t just going to big companies with poor moral codes; bonus that second hand clothes are often much better quality than anything I would be able to afford new and off the shelf.

So today has been good. I have felt fairly content. I am struggling a little with knowing what next week holds, but I am grateful that your daddy is coming up and that I won’t be alone for it.

I miss you sweetheart.

My love always,

Mummy xx

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