Exciting announcement ahead!

I have an exciting announcement! 💍

I am over the moon too now be engaged to marry my best friend, father of our two babies and the love of my life.

Saturday 21st April 2018,
6 years since we started going out as dorky teenagers, and after nearly 10 years of knowing and annoying one another, I am beyond delighted that my partner and I are officially getting hitched!

It’s been in the works for a while, actually he first asked me on the 8th May 2016, and we decided that we were happy being just us and not tipping the apple cart, but last weekend he popped the question again, and we announced it to our whole family.

There were mixed reactions, all mothers involved, especially mine behaved and took the news amazingly well. My Bio dad wins the award for the biggest cheer, my partners Dad gets the award for the most chilled out response, his Stepmum gets the award for wanting to know the most details about the proposal, and my Gran get the prize for being the first person to call me an idiot for getting married. 🙊🤦

I thought it would be my Mother, but after her first response being to ask was I sure, then did we want a cup of tea, then making unintelligible screaming noises in the bathroom before repeated saying ‘my daughter is engaged!’ and not drinking her tea, she has been incredibly calm and very supportive. I think she’d relieved were not rushing off to get married. Let’s be honest, we don’t rush anywhere, we took two years to even tell anyone, and by that point we actually did it properly and nobody said ‘Fuck it will you marry me’ which to be fair was still the most romantic thing ever as far as I was concerned.

(I say we, I had no involvement bar apparently picking the ring but I don’t remember doing that at all, so as far as I’m concerned thanks to my memory loss this was 100% my partners wonderful work.)

I couldn’t be more excited.
It’s been one hell of a ride already with everything we have gone through, but I could not have asked to spend these past few years with anyone else by my side. We’ve stuck together like glue for 6 years and I can’t wait to make it a lifetimes worth of memories.

Life can be short and love is so incredibly precious, I hope Emmet and Réa are looking down from wherever they are and know that they have brought us closer, made us stronger, and that despite anything that the future could hold, we are a family of four waiting to grow, not a family of two, and they will be with us every step of our future together.

My Ring is even Réaltas shade of blue, and one side looks almost like a little wing.

I already knew who I wanted to spend every day of the rest of my life with, and now I can wear a symbol of that love and promise with me wherever I go.

So yeah understatement of the century but I’m pretty chuffed!

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