About Surviving Miscarriage Together

This site was set up to help bring miscarriage survivors together, too many people are silent on the issue. When asked how many children you have, how many people only state the number of those who survived, or cannot state a number at all.

We lost our precious flame Emmet 22.10.2016.

Miscarriage effects 1 in 4 women, and yet there is a veil of silence over the subject that so few people dare to break.

You do not need to be ashamed of miscarriage. It does not make anyone less of a mother, less of a father or less of a family.

October 15th is miscarriage awareness day, and October is miscarriage awareness month. Yet survivors of miscarriage are aware for the other eleven months of the year, even if everyone else is not.

It is all to easy in this culture of silence and social stigma to feel isolated. Nobody on the street wants to hear about the children who didn’t get to walk on this earth, but we hope that this site will provide at least a little relief from the silence faced in everyday life.