Well. Here we are.  Welcome to hell. Just have to get through today.  Looking forward is probbably the wrong way to describe it, but I am 'anticipating' out balloon project later today. #ForeverLoved 

21st June- pebbles and leaves 🍃🍀🌳🌱

We thought we would be meeting Emmet tomorrow...

Thank you

A huge thank you to Crystal from Living Through Our Loss, who has featured Emmet in her Averie's Angel friends page.

Day 21. Communicate #MWAH2017

I struggle to get the words out to express what I want to say.  This blog is pretty much how I communicate to the world my pain and grief, and the ups and downs of navigating life after loss.  This journey in the baby loss club is crazy and unending. We should at least try to talk to one another. 

Day 20. Distance #MWAH2017

Distance.  The distance between now and losing Emmet is nearly 8 months. In that time we have: both got sick of saying them and named them Emmet on the 14th December 2016, loved them, got sick of still saying them and realized that we both thought of them as a little boy 19th June 2017 … Continue reading Day 20. Distance #MWAH2017

Day 19. Succumb #MWAH2017

Todays prompt is succumb.  I was supposed to write this monday but was in fact to busy succumbing to my grief that all plans I had went out the window. 

Todays beautiful things. 20.06.17

I was surprised to find beauty today amongst this weeks crazy, but I did and here it is.

Tuesday forecast: Crying with a chance of dinosaurs.

Yesterday my Partner and I had a long emotional talk.  This week is a shit storm already. Whoop de do, we both have exams and our lost baby would be due. Great... Yesterday I asked my Partner if it was totally stupid that I think of he and Emmet as my boys. Even though we could never know their gender.  Turns out he thinks pretty the same way I do about them and so I was Happy/Sad crying half the night. He thinks of them as a tiny boy playing in the living room with plastic dinosaurs.

Fisrst day of the week we never wanted to come.

Monday. Monday the 19th June, in three days I thought we would be meeting our baby.  Instead my partner and I are in survival mode.  I asked him if he was okay and he said no. Obviously I then felt like a total dumbass for asking. Of course he's not. I'm not. The world is not … Continue reading Fisrst day of the week we never wanted to come.

5 Happy things 18

I'm a day late for my 5 Happy things, but Fathers day was hectic and emotional and I just didn't get round to it. I was dealing with family and then I hibernated a bit instead of writing and watched Sense 8 on Netflix and revised.