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Tell us what you are thankful for x

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Healing together x

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Seriously! You can't do everything. I should take my own advice. xx

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Just keep swimming x 🐋

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I love this

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Un changeable, Unforgettable, you taught me love.

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Don't beat yourself up if you don't always feel as complete as you would like

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Self care means you are surviving to do more than just the base functions in life ,and helps you get back to what is important.

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Dear Newly Bereaved Parent – Still Standing Magazine I thought this letter was beautiful and I wish I'd had this resource 6 months ago, so I felt it was a good thing to share with you all. Love and support always,  Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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Things can only get better

If you're getting tired of my using song lyric puns for post titles sorry​ not sorry... It makes me laugh. My sense of humour is dogey and always has been. Bad jokes make me giggle, such as: Q. What do you call a laughing piano? A. A Yamaha-ha... I know. Terrible.  Point is I find … Continue reading Things can only get better

This is What Self-Care is About & How You Can Practice It – HavingTime

Amazing article of self care

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A little somthing for the fathers. Christian/faith based sentiment. Still sweet.