Sponsor A Heart Campaign

Our family started our campaign in honour of what would have been Réaltas due date March 22nd 2018, we have been putting together donations for Lincoln County Hospitals bereavement packs for children. They are given to children of all ages who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

They have requested donations of Teddy bears, blankets, colouring books, forget-me-not seeds and other items to keep children entertained or help them remember their loved one.

If you can please give £2 (or more or less, we’re not fussy) and sponsor a heart to help cover the cost of the materials for these packs, and enable us to continue doing them, not only in march but throughout the year.

If you wish you can sponsor a heart or hearts in memory of a loved one, and we will write
‘donated in loving memory of…’
On a paper tag tied to the heart.

Just drop us an line to request that your donation is a sponsorship here!

Links to donate here, and to get more information on this campaign click here