Rising panic

The feeling of panic I get when I think that I may never have kids is difficult to explain. All my life I have planned for children; the 'Kids rooms' and 'Child care' boards on pinterest didn't start with the positive pregnancy test, nor did the obsession with babies and children. I love them, I … Continue reading Rising panic

Thoughts after miscarriage 

While my pregnancy may not have made a baby, it did make a mother.  I became a mother as soon as I suspected I was pregnant, the test just confirmed what I knew in my heart. From that moment, dispite the rising panic, I felt this huge surge of love that I could never have … Continue reading Thoughts after miscarriage 

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Check it out


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Christmas survival post 12.am

Boxing day Hallelujah. We made it. Love and support always.  Surviving Miscarriage Together  Zoe x

Christmas survival post 11.pm

Christmas survival post 9.pm

Christmas survival post 8.pm

The cat gets it too

Christmas survival post 7.pm

Christmas survival post 6.pm

Just lay on the floor of it all gets too much  Blame it on too many mince pies...

Christmas survival post 5.pm

Christmas survival post 4.pm

Christmas survival post 3.pm

Christmas survival post 2.pm

Christmas survival post 1.pm

Christmas survival post 12.pm

Christmas survival post 11.am

Christmas survival post 10.am

Christmas survival post 9.am

If you believe there is one send a prayer for those babies lost too soon