Day 13. Colour #MWAH2017

Todays prompt is colour. I think of lots of colours when I think of Emmet.  Pink, white, grey, orange, blue, yellow, green. The colours of hope, of love and grief, of my pain and joy. 

At one point I had a twin

​I have spent my entire life knowing that there was once a twin that could have been but wasn't.  The type of heterochromia (two different coloured eyes, one blue one half blue-half-green) that I have is caused by there being non identical twins in the womb, two embryos merge into one another and if the … Continue reading At one point I had a twin

Dinosaur hat

Morrison's baby section, lovingly placed opposite the self service till which I frequent regularly now interups what used to be a calming and enjoyable lunchtime sabbatical. When I'm getting my lunch it never fails to find new ways of stabbing me in the tender spot where my heart is still trying to stitch itself back … Continue reading Dinosaur hat