5 Happy Things 4.03.18

Sometimes it's the little things that make my day, like fluffy shoes and chicken nuggets. My 5 happy things for this week have been: 1. Due to the snow days I have spent a lot of time with friends as we're all stuck on campus to gather and it's been nice to be so social. … Continue reading 5 Happy Things 4.03.18

Today’s beautiful things 16.06.17

Today's beautiful things, actually some of them are yesterdays but I was too busy to write. The mouse in a flower isn't my photo. (From Pinterest). It's just super cute. As are the Jizo. For some reason the captions on my images aren't working. Grr 👹

A little bit of cute if you’re feeling down

Webcams and Other Wonders - http://wp.me/p4o6Pl-bVV

5 happy things 8

1. It's the Easter holidays, so that's a welcome break. 2. My lovely friend made us all Easter nests with mini eggs in on friday, that was so sweet! 3. Those tiny lill pipe cleaner chicks you see around. I love them. I've got multi coloured ones this year. So cute. 4. So. Many. Flowers. … Continue reading 5 happy things 8

Blue tit on the window

Focus on the happy things.  Today this was a bluetit on the window feeder 😊

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In case you’re having a bad day

Here's Harry the cat who has taken up residence in the hairdressers I go to 😊 He is intent on getting my shoelaces in that picture