A Shakey Faith and baby dreams 👼

Warning: contains reference to God, faith and christianity. If this is not for you, you have been warned.   On to the Blog Post! I dreamt about Emmet for the first time last night.  A little brown, curly haired kid with blue grey eyes. He was wearing navy blue I think,  but the rest of … Continue reading A Shakey Faith and baby dreams 👼

Possibility #MWAH2017

*Contains religious content (christian). If Angel babies aren't for you then I apologize in advance, but it has helped me.

Stillborn support 


Coping quotes 9

A little somthing for the fathers. Christian/faith based sentiment. Still sweet.

Family tree

​I don't believe in heaven  Yet still I talk to you I think that you can hear me, I hope that it is true. You are my precious baby. I'll love you all my life, Though we never got to hold you, and the pain cuts like a knife. Talking makes it less like I … Continue reading Family tree

Help over Christmas 

The mariposa trust -sayinggoodbye.org Are offering hourly posts on Christmas day over Facebook to help those coping with grief.

The kindest words from a friend.

On finding out we had lost our baby, a treasured and wonderful friend from Italy wrote this to my partner and myself: It brought us great comfort, and I hope that it may bring peace to others too. She claims to be bad at English, but this beautiful letter certainaly proves otherwise. When I usually … Continue reading The kindest words from a friend.

Coping with Miscarriage when you don’t have God

Nearly every miscarriage support website I have come across includes God in his many forms. Telling me how we should trust in God, and our that our babies are in heaven. Caling them 'Angel babies' and saying how we will one day be reunited when we die. The only problem is that I don't believe in … Continue reading Coping with Miscarriage when you don’t have God