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Playlist Surviving Miscarriage Together

Updated playlist  I find music very comforting, and a valuable emotional release. I find it easier to cope with music. Here are some songs I have found that I found really helpful during and after my miscarriage. * means the song contains religious content, so you can avoid it if this is an issue for … Continue reading Playlist Surviving Miscarriage Together

Lights of Love Tree Many thanks to the miscarriage association for including our submission. 

Help over Christmas 

The mariposa trust Are offering hourly posts on Christmas day over Facebook to help those coping with grief.

My emotional journey

​I found that I was and sometimes still am really anxious after my miscarriage. I was low, I hated being around people. And the stress, grief, hopelesness and uselesness I felt in the immidiate aftermath especially was a toxic combination.  During the first few weeks I hated my body, I felt useless, I hated life … Continue reading My emotional journey

The stages of grief

​ IN 1969, after working with terminally ill patients, the Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross brought the trauma of death out of the closet with the publication of her groundbreaking work, “On Death and Dying.” She outlined a five-stage model of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Her work was radical at the time. It made … Continue reading The stages of grief

Self care box

​Partly inspired by: If you're feeling down at the moment, or as a just in case for when you need it, it can be a good idea to make a 'self help box' for when things get rough. And put comforting things in it. I'm putting together one for myself and here are some … Continue reading Self care box

More helpful sites

American Pregnancy loss association.Very helpful with links to other sites March of Dimes Premature pregnancy and infant loss help. This is a charity set up to raise money for and aid reasurch and health programs. Free Bereavement kit from March of Dimes Sharing a story with some helpfull links Marking your … Continue reading More helpful sites