Cafe days and finding E’s

I love the display in this cafe window on the high street where my sister lives. I liked the lettering and took pictures of the E's. Should have done the other letters that are in his name, it could be good to try to find all of them in different places to make up name … Continue reading Cafe days and finding E’s

So my health…

This week my health has been interesting. It's the only real thing that describes it. It hasn't been awful, it could definitely be worse, but my digestive system is having some serious moments. This week has not been it's finest hour. I got a bit over tired with schoolwork and my body threw a hissy … Continue reading So my health…

Christmas wish

Ways to memorialize your baby

The thing I would say that I probably struggle with the most following the loss of my pregnancy, appart from the cripling loss of the future I had imagined for my little family and my precious child, is that I have nowhere to grieve, or any propper way of going about doing so. So few … Continue reading Ways to memorialize your baby

The kindest words from a friend.

On finding out we had lost our baby, a treasured and wonderful friend from Italy wrote this to my partner and myself: It brought us great comfort, and I hope that it may bring peace to others too. She claims to be bad at English, but this beautiful letter certainaly proves otherwise. When I usually … Continue reading The kindest words from a friend.