Day 10. Listen #MWAH2017

Often after a loss, especially babyloss as nobody seems to want to talk about it, ever, it can be hard to find someone who will just listen without judging. Or listen and then not reply with something stupid or insensitive or just downright cruel.

Possibility #MWAH2017

*Contains religious content (christian). If Angel babies aren't for you then I apologize in advance, but it has helped me.

Day 8. Magic #MWAH2017

I do believe in everyday magic, but before you think I have jumped right on the crazy train, hear me out. I believe in the magic of the sunset. I believe in the tiny magics we encounter every day. That one colleague who can just make tea better than anyone else.

Day 7. Be Gentle #MWAH2017

I kind of relate a lot to hedgehogs. They're all spikey and lord knows I have been accused of that more than once. I hope that the world is as gentle to you as the care given to an over wintered hedgehog, so that you are safe and warm and don't feel threatened by day to day life enough to uncurl a little bit and enjoy the day.

Day 6. Patience #MWAH2017

Sometimes I can be endlessly patient, but I am terrible at waiting for microwave food. Also I am not very patient with myself.

Day 5. Empty #MWAH2017

Empty arms

Day four. WISH #MWAH2017

Wishes. If wishes were snowflakes I would have a blizzard. I wish a million things.

Day three. TIMELESS #MWAH2017

Today's prompt is timeless.  Not many things are timeless. Time touches every thing. Sure some things endure, like Victorian jewellery or medieval manuscripts and bad tatoos. 

Day two. LIFE #MWAH2017

Life, however short is always important.

Day one. IMAGINE #MWAH2017

Todays prompt is Imagine. The idea is that you do something creative each day that helps you heal. such as drawing, crafting, photography, writing or blogging.  I'm going to do a blog post each day, and if I can attach a sketch or photograph that links to the prompt and my own story. 


Healing together x