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Help over Christmas 

The mariposa trust Are offering hourly posts on Christmas day over Facebook to help those coping with grief.

The stages of grief

​ IN 1969, after working with terminally ill patients, the Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross brought the trauma of death out of the closet with the publication of her groundbreaking work, “On Death and Dying.” She outlined a five-stage model of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Her work was radical at the time. It made … Continue reading The stages of grief

Remembrance tree

It's been nearly two months since we lost Emmet, and it's a date that I am all to aware of is creeping up on me. Today I had to get out of the house. I couldn't bear it for one more minute.  I wandered about aimlessly around the village and ended up at the church … Continue reading Remembrance tree

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More helpful sites

American Pregnancy loss association.Very helpful with links to other sites March of Dimes Premature pregnancy and infant loss help. This is a charity set up to raise money for and aid reasurch and health programs. Free Bereavement kit from March of Dimes Sharing a story with some helpfull links Marking your … Continue reading More helpful sites

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Baby shoes at the back of the cupboard 

This week I have been what is best described as a total and utter mess. I found a pair of tiny crochet baby shoes that I made on the second day I knew I was pregnant. They were in the gift bag hidden in the bottom of my chest of draws that I normally reserve … Continue reading Baby shoes at the back of the cupboard 

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Ways to memorialize your baby

The thing I would say that I probably struggle with the most following the loss of my pregnancy, appart from the cripling loss of the future I had imagined for my little family and my precious child, is that I have nowhere to grieve, or any propper way of going about doing so. So few … Continue reading Ways to memorialize your baby

The kindest words from a friend.

On finding out we had lost our baby, a treasured and wonderful friend from Italy wrote this to my partner and myself: It brought us great comfort, and I hope that it may bring peace to others too. She claims to be bad at English, but this beautiful letter certainaly proves otherwise. When I usually … Continue reading The kindest words from a friend.