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So.Many.Flowers!!! My allotment is like the day of the triffids!

Self care 6

Seriously! You can't do everything. I should take my own advice. xx

Self care quote 5

Don't beat yourself up if you don't always feel as complete as you would like

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Look after yourself and let yourself heal x

5 happy things 13

This week's 5 happy things are 1. The Dahlia I had given up on as dead has just sprouted, the others have buds on. 2. My partner brought me flowers on Saturday and they are so so pretty. 3. My cat has been super friendly and clingy, she was asleep on my desk or right … Continue reading 5 happy things 13

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Self care means you are surviving to do more than just the base functions in life ,and helps you get back to what is important.

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Look after yourself x

Self-care for improved emotional wellness – This Tiny Blue House

https://www.thistinybluehouse.com/2017/04/26/self-care-for-improved-emotional-wellness/ This lovely lady is a mther of one lovely little girl and "5 angels'. She has some good points about self care and dealing with anxiety.

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Full Meditation – The Pursuit of Happiness & Peace of Mind

Meditation. When you need to take a chill pill.

This is What Self-Care is About & How You Can Practice It – HavingTime

Amazing article of self care