Healing together x

Emmet, our little flame.

Our story has been featured on Tommy's website, a charity helping people dealing with babyloss.

Links that are really worth checking out if you want support

These links are stories from mothers and families who have been through Miscarriage or Stillbirth, they often contain links to sites providing help and information, or do so themselves. (*Contains reference to religion) One Mothers journey after still birth and advice on the subject. Kicks count Pregnancy loss statistics  *Insightful perspective from a lovely lady who wrote this post … Continue reading Links that are really worth checking out if you want support

Whisper support group

Surviving Miscarriage Together also runs a support group through Whisper  fing us here. Love and support always,  Surviving Miscarriage Together x

Who I’ve been

We're now at what would have been the 20 weeks point. We would have ultrasound pictures and know what their gender would have been. We'd have been able to feel them move for a while.  At this stage they look human, not like a blob of cells. I look at images of babies in the … Continue reading Who I’ve been

Resources for men

There isn't enough support regarding men and their experience with miscarriage, so I did a little research and came up with this  This will take you to the google search  Men and miscarriage leaflet the miscarriage association: online leaflet Cosmopolitan magazine article An article form the site 'the art of manliness' is available here. 'Baby centre' … Continue reading Resources for men

Rising panic

The feeling of panic I get when I think that I may never have kids is difficult to explain. All my life I have planned for children; the 'Kids rooms' and 'Child care' boards on pinterest didn't start with the positive pregnancy test, nor did the obsession with babies and children. I love them, I … Continue reading Rising panic

Christmas survival post 12.am

Boxing day Hallelujah. We made it. Love and support always.  Surviving Miscarriage Together  Zoe x

Christmas survival post 11.pm

Christmas survival post 9.pm

Christmas survival post 8.pm

The cat gets it too

Christmas survival post 7.pm

Christmas survival post 6.pm

Just lay on the floor of it all gets too much  Blame it on too many mince pies...

Christmas survival post 5.pm

Christmas survival post 4.pm

Christmas survival post 3.pm

Christmas survival post 2.pm

Christmas survival post 1.pm

Christmas survival post 12.pm

Christmas survival post 11.am