Ode to health based infirtility 

​Mostly I just want to be a mother. A mother with a living, breathing, hold your hand as you cross the street child.  I now have a 20% chance of re-occurring miscarriage due to losing my first pregnancy. Added to that the 13% increace that is associated with severe joint hypermobility syndrome we're looking at 33%. … Continue reading Ode to health based infirtility 

So my health…

This week my health has been interesting. It's the only real thing that describes it. It hasn't been awful, it could definitely be worse, but my digestive system is having some serious moments. This week has not been it's finest hour. I got a bit over tired with schoolwork and my body threw a hissy … Continue reading So my health…

Stillborn support 


Check it out


Check it out


Christmas survival post 12.am

Boxing day Hallelujah. We made it. Love and support always.  Surviving Miscarriage Together  Zoe x

Christmas survival post 11.pm

Christmas survival post 9.pm

Christmas survival post 8.pm

The cat gets it too

Christmas survival post 7.pm

Christmas survival post 6.pm

Just lay on the floor of it all gets too much  Blame it on too many mince pies...

Christmas survival post 5.pm

Christmas survival post 4.pm

Christmas survival post 3.pm

Christmas survival post 2.pm

Christmas survival post 1.pm

Christmas survival post 12.pm

Christmas survival post 11.am

Christmas survival post 10.am

Christmas survival post 9.am

If you believe there is one send a prayer for those babies lost too soon