I find it easier to cope with music. Here are some songs I have found that I found really helpful after my miscarriage.

* means the song contains religious content, so you can avoid it if this is an issue for you. I just think the song is beautiful, even if I don’t believe all the sentiments behind some parts.

The list is quite varied and eclectic, and there isn’t any right order to it, the songs are just written as I came across them.

Song for gavin Ludovico Einaudi

Keep breathing Kerrie Roberts

The Sun is rising Brit Nicole

• * I will carry you Selah

Gone too soon Daughtry

Chasing cars Coldplay

Slipped away Avril Lavigne

All I wanted Paramore

Small Bump Ed Sheran

How to save a Life The Fray

Heartbeat Beyonce

Hardened Heart Tom Chaplin

The very thought of you Michael Buble

You are my sunshine Ricky Nelson

A sky full of stars Coldplay

I Will always love you Whitney Houston

The starting line Keane

Change Taylor Swift

Singing the blues Guy Mitchell

• *Amazing Grace

Here comes the sun The Beatles

Something to be from the end credits of the film Bluejay.

You are young Keane

How long will I Love you Ellie Goulding

One for my Baby Frank Sinatra

Climbing clouds Jetty Rae

Kerosene Jetty Rae

You’ll never walk alone Roy Orbison

Beam Me Up P!nk

The Sweetest Kick in the Heart Spooky Mens Choral

Lost boy Ruth B

Wild Horses Susan Boyle

I will add more to this post as they come to me.

Please feel free to comment and suggest more songs you feel should be included as we always love to hear your stories and suggestions.

Love and support always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together

One thought on “Playlist

  1. Angela Rose Porter says:

    I would like to add these:
    I will carry you – Selah,
    Still – Gerrit Hofsink.
    I just played these 2 at my baby girls funeral.
    I went in to labor on May 2nd at 10am 6 days after her due date when they told me there was no heart beat.
    I gave birth to my baby girl at 4:29am on May 3rd…. She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
    These songs put what I wanted to say in to wards when I could not speak.

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