5 happy things 11

1. My cornflowers somehow survived the winter and I picked a bunch on Friday.  2. I have just finished making the dress for my final project in Art Textiles. 3. My re-potted window plants look very smart in their terracotta pots. A pleasant change from plastic. 4. Cups of tea in the rocking chair after … Continue reading 5 happy things 11

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Dear Newly Bereaved Parent – Still Standing Magazine

http://stillstandingmag.com/2016/01/dear-newly-bereaved-parent/ I thought this letter was beautiful and I wish I'd had this resource 6 months ago, so I felt it was a good thing to share with you all. Love and support always,  Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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Thought this was Beautiful 

Ways to honour a loss

Ways to honour you loss. Both on special dates and throughout the year.

Still Standing Magazine – Living, breathing and embracing the impossible


A little bit of cute if you’re feeling down

Webcams and Other Wonders - http://wp.me/p4o6Pl-bVV

Surviving Birthdays and should have beens.

What do you think? http://pin.it/gGl_6Ap I liked this because it wasn't full of saccharine terms like Angelversary, which is always prone to make me cringe. Here are some other good ideas from Still Standing magazine. Ways to Honour your child.

6 months on Saturday 

It is now 6 months since we lost Emmet. I've learned a lot about myself in this time. And I've learnt a lot about love. Lessons I never thought I'd learn. I miss them more than I ever thought possible.

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I cannot tell you how much the charity Sayinggoodbye have helped me in the last 6 months

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Inspirational Stories

Source: Inspirational Stories

5 Happy things 10

1. The Dodo birds in the Natural History Museum are back. Last time I visited they were undergoing conservation and weren't on display. I love them so much. 2. The Victoria and Albert Museum.  So. Many. Beautiful. Things. 3. Spent a day with my family being tourists. 4. The weather has been good and I … Continue reading 5 Happy things 10

5 happy things 9

A big thank you to 'Pink' and 'The Paradox Mummy'.

Links that are really worth checking out if you want support

These links are stories from mothers and families who have been through Miscarriage or Stillbirth, they often contain links to sites providing help and information, or do so themselves. (*Contains reference to religion) One Mothers journey after still birth and advice on the subject. Kicks count Pregnancy loss statistics  *Insightful perspective from a lovely lady who wrote this post … Continue reading Links that are really worth checking out if you want support

Things can only get better

If you're getting tired of my using song lyric puns for post titles sorry​ not sorry... It makes me laugh. My sense of humour is dogey and always has been. Bad jokes make me giggle, such as: Q. What do you call a laughing piano? A. A Yamaha-ha... I know. Terrible.  Point is I find … Continue reading Things can only get better

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I haven't posted any of these in a while. I'm in the middle of that crazy area of life they call A level preperation, so posts could get a bit thin on the ground till after June but I will try my best.

Taking Action

Being My Own Rainbow

I’m not usually the sort of person to take on a cause, I’m happy to leave it to other people to fight for something important whilst I donate money or sign a petition. But, it is time for me to do something about the lack of positive stories and celebration of lives like mine with no ‘happy ending baby’. Moaning about it won’t change anything (at 36 I’ve only just realised this!).

I’ve decided as there are few resources or inspirational stories offered by the mainstream support groups in the U.K. for mums like me who will never have a ‘happy ending baby’ that I’m going to change this, together we will change this.

If you would like me to feature your story of living with hope after loss please email me at naomipickett@icloud.com. I’d love to share how you are living life after loss, what your (non-baby related) hopes…

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Breaking the taboo

Lovely post about baby loss awareness week

Under the table and dreaming

candle Global wave of light

The loss of a baby or child is still very much a taboo subject in our society, a subject which we collectively struggle to talk about which further compounds the pain and isolation through grief for bereaved parents.

The 9-15 October is internationally recognised as Baby loss Awareness Week, a time for parents, families, and friends to remember a life no matter how brief that has passed. In the UK twenty five different charities including, Child Bereavement Uk, Bliss, Sands, Tommys, Aching Arms and CMV Action work together on the project; as well as a time to remember loved ones the charities campaign to ‘break the silence’ on the subject and aim to actively raise awareness of baby/child loss.

Reading the words of bereaved parents describing how important it was that their loss was acknowledged by friends, family, the wider community makes one fully appreciate one…

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Songs for lost love

I will hold you in my heart everyday that you can't be in my arms And I will love you more than there are stars up in the sky And every day that I'm without you. I'll still be asking why. I begged to life to take me But they still took you instead. I … Continue reading Songs for lost love