Breaking the taboo

Lovely post about baby loss awareness week

Under the table and dreaming

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The loss of a baby or child is still very much a taboo subject in our society, a subject which we collectively struggle to talk about which further compounds the pain and isolation through grief for bereaved parents.

The 9-15 October is internationally recognised as Baby loss Awareness Week, a time for parents, families, and friends to remember a life no matter how brief that has passed. In the UK twenty five different charities including, Child Bereavement Uk, Bliss, Sands, Tommys, Aching Arms and CMV Action work together on the project; as well as a time to remember loved ones the charities campaign to ‘break the silence’ on the subject and aim to actively raise awareness of baby/child loss.

Reading the words of bereaved parents describing how important it was that their loss was acknowledged by friends, family, the wider community makes one fully appreciate one…

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